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6 Ways To Personalize Your Muskogee VIP Restroom Trailer Rentals

Do you need porta-potty rentals in OK and surrounding areas? Powder Room Potties has the most reliable Muskogee VIP restroom trailer rentals. Call 918-348-1714 today for a free estimate! Unlike what most people would expect, you can create a comfortable experience for your guests at your event. Check out the different ways below to personalize your bathroom for a posh encounter.

Decorate the outside

The external part of the lavatory can be made more attractive. You can do this by adding flowers or even a welcome mat at the entrance. Make it blend in well with the surrounding environment. This will create an exquisite feel.

Add a mirror

Once we drop off your portable restroom rental, add a mirror. This will give your guests a chance to check themselves out and freshen up. Decorate the mirror as you deem fit. You can do this by adding embellishments like flower petals, patterns, buttons or other things to its frame. Make it reflect your style and personality.

Hand sanitizers

Think about adding hand sanitizers in the room. You can customize the sanitizer bottle with the theme of your event. This will help your visitors clean their hands on the go. Sanitary wipes will also be helpful.

Hand lotions

Some guests will prefer to wash their hands. Have some hand lotion available. This will prevent their hands from looking dry and flaky. Lotion is definitely something your guests will enjoy.

Purse hanger

Have somewhere for your guests to hang their purses. You can install a hook or a small shelf, where they can put their possessions. This is much better than having guests put their belongings on the floor.

Hygiene products

Our Portable toilet providers in Muskogee advise that you stock other hygiene products. This includes things like toilet paper and air freshener. Have someone at hand to ensure there’s a constant supply. Additionally, feminine hygiene products will also be much appreciated.

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