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When it comes to hosting any outdoor event, you always have to make sure that your guests have an acceptable way to refresh themselves. Portable toilets have long been the preferred solution for those in search of temporary bathrooms. These facilities can be incredibly feature-rich, and they’re capable of meeting all of the legal requirements that event hosts are subject to. At Powder Room Potties, we pride ourselves in offering an expansive selection of luxurious and affordable restroom trailers for rent.

If you’re looking for a VIP restroom rental for your outdoor wedding, corporate event, or any other high-end occasion, we are definitely the company to call. Portable restrooms have certainly developed an unsavory reputation throughout the years. This is because many event hosts are guilty of renting standard and even substandard facilities. As a result, they get dubious accommodations for their guests that don’t smell or look fresh, and that isn’t enjoyable to use.

Our accommodations are just as nice as those that people have access to when using the restrooms inside of buildings. Our products are built with high-end materials, diligently cleaned, and transported, and placed with the utmost care. They’re also spacious and rich with all of the features that people want and need. We’ve got options with high-quality mirrors, functional sinks, soap dispensers, sanitary supply boxes, and baby changing tables among many other things.

Units that are spacious create a sense of luxury and opulence. One of the worst things about using a portable facility is feeling as though you don’t have enough room to stretch out. Our facilities are designed so that people can easily avoid high-touch surfaces when they want to. Their spacious interiors promote a sense of comfort and allow people to relax as necessary.

When shopping for a portable toilet supplier in Broken Arrow, Powder Room Potties is always the top choice. We’ve got attractive and highly functional options at nearly every price point, and we’re committed to making pick-up and delivery a reliable, timely, and wholly convenient experience for all event hosts that we work with. Call 918-348-1714 today for a free estimate!

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