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Factors To Consider When Choosing An Event Porta Potty

At Powder Room Potties, we have extensive experience in making bathroom accommodations for both large and small affairs. Our products are great for both construction sites and weddings alike. That’s because we have a vast range of options to choose from. Following are several things to consider before choosing an hiring an event porta potty.

It’s first important to determine the exact level of accommodation you wish to supply. For construction sites and other basic needs, we have small-sized units that are clean, functional, and easy to use. These can be paired with separate outdoor hand-washing stations for efficiency, better usage of the available space, and overall economy.

If you will be hosting guests rather than workers on a construction site, you also need to make arrangement for those with limited mobility. Look for options with grab bars at their interior, higher sitting toilet seats, and larger square footage for accommodating wheelchairs or other assistive devices. If you want options that have several stalls, you can find ones that have a larger stall with all of these essential features.

Some of our systems are incredibly high-end. These are the units that people commonly choose for weddings, corporate events, and outdoor concerts. They have high levels of aesthetic appeal and pristine interiors. In fact, when you’re inside of them, you’ll hardly notice that you’re using a portable bathroom at all. Our VIP restroom trailer rentals are great for outdoor events. They’re compliant, clean, and capable of accommodating numerous users at once.

You can also choose from large, roomy units that have a vast array of amenities and features. For instance, we’ve got porta-potty rentals for parties and other events that have multiple stalls, full sinks, excellent mirrors, coat hooks, hand drying stations, and even changing tables. To find out what we can provide at your targeted price point, get in touch with us today. Do you need event porta potties in Tahlequah, OK? Call 918-348-1714 today for a free estimate!

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