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Make Life Easier And Better For Your Team With An Office Trailer Freshwater Supplier In Locust Grove OK

Construction trailers are surprisingly comfortable. When they’re set up and ready for action, these units provide adequate shade, clean indoor air, and plenty of empty space for holding essential files, personal protective equipment, basic site tools, and more. However, most lack clean, running water. Fortunately, you can have clean water delivered by an office trailer freshwater supplier in Locust Grove OK. Read on to find out how scheduling this service with Powder Room Potties can make life more comfortable and easier for everyone on your team.

Our water delivery services make it easy to set up hand-washing stations. In a time when the spread of communicable illnesses is a near-constant concern, these features make it easier for people to wash up after going to the bathroom and before taking meal breaks. You can connect our portable toilets to our construction water supply tanks for functional, in-unit sinks or you can have a separate, outdoor washing center where multiple people can wash their hands at once.

Our construction wastewater and sewage tanks also support functional, flushing toilets. This is far preferable to having waste enter dry containment systems. You’ll deal with less odors and your outdoor facilities will be more pleasant to use. If you have a bathroom built into your construction trailer, you’ll definitely appreciate the odor control and greater efficiency that comes with having your own onsite water supply.

You may even need potable water for eye-washing stations. In construction zones, these first aid centers help team members flush chemicals, loose debris, and other foreign materials from their eyes. Without running water, you may have a hard time keeping your site compliant if eye-washing stations are required.

We make life easier by offering more of what construction site managers needs in one place. When you work with us, you can equip your project with a sufficient number of portable toilets, hand washing stations, eye-washing stations, and more. You can also get freshwater delivered and stored to keep all of these things working like they should. Contact Powder Room Potties now to find out more or request a quote.

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