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How To Choose The Best Porta Potties For Rent When Remodeling

Whenever you commission major work on your home, you have to have a feasible way for contractors to go to the bathroom. This is also something that you will need to take care of if you are contractor yourself and intend to take on a big project. After all, you can’t go trooping through your clients’ homes each time the urge hits. Following are several things that you need to know about choosing porta potties for rent.

One of the many benefits in renting these units is simply ensuring that your project is up to local codes. Having accessible bathrooms for your team can also increase their comfort and their ability to get things done. Team members will have higher morale, more energy, and greater focus when they are not constantly worrying about where they relieve themselves.

It is also important to note that these construction site additions are also going to give your clients some much-needed privacy. Even if they say they don’t mind, most people do not enjoy having strangers come into their homes to use these facilities. Setting your project up so that this becomes essential detracts from the level of professionalism and sophistication that you want your brand to project.

A standard construction room will likely be the best choice for the job, especially if you have a modest-sized team and a limited amount of space. This is a model that will have a toilet, urinal and a place for storing and dispensing toilet paper. You also have the option of upgrading this to a slightly larger model that has a sink.

Mobile construction toilets offer an added convenience that is actually found on the outside of these structures. These units are wheels so that they can be easily transferred from place to place across the job site. If your team will be required to move from one end of the project site to another, having this level of functionality could be ideal.

For multi-story developments, like apartment or condo buildings and multi-story homes, hook units that are portable are usually sufficiently accommodating. Their compact sizes allow them to be placed in doorways and other modest spaces for ease of storage. Moreover, their dimensions make it possible for users to send these units up to higher floors in freight elevators when necessary.

There are a wealth of optional accessories that you can add in. According to OSHA, all employees should have a reliable way to sanitize their hands or wash them. If you do not have the budget for getting a unit with a built-in sink, it will be sufficient to simply provide a dispenser with hand sanitizing agent.

Hand wash stations tend to be the most desirable accessories for units. These make it possible for team members to get themselves fully clean. With these stations, the available soap and paper towel dispensing units can usually cover users for several hundred bathroom visits. If your work area is such that members of the general community will be using your porta potties, you can think about investing in higher-end units with changing tables, wheelchair access, and other special accommodations.

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