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Brilliant Ways To Dress Up Your Porta Potties In Muskogee

Portable potties are quite easy to set up. In case you need them for a construction site, it is adequate to get a row of the potties set up next to a wall somewhere in a corner. However, the setting of the potties is a subject matter you must think about extensively when planning an upscale event. In this case, getting the structures properly spruced up will be crucial for your guests to find them more comfortable and welcoming. We deliver porta potties in Muskogee and we can help you set up the perfect presentation for just about any event.

To give your restrooms a classier appearance, we recommend using exterior decoration. The idea is to make them look welcoming from the outside. Decorations such as wreaths, flowers and even welcome mats can assist greatly in making the potties appear both pleasant and hospitable.

It would be brilliant to use proper lighting. When the term portable restrooms is mentioned, most people will visualize dark spaces that are challenging to navigate. To bring the right picture to the minds of your guests, add some decorative lights inside the units. This will give them an alluring curb appeal that your guests will highly appreciate.

Investing in some bathroom essentials and extras will take your units to the next level. We recommend stocking essentials and extra amenities that can enhance the comfort of the guests. Apart from providing toilet paper, also provide a basket with ibuprofen, breath mints and female hygiene products. This will give the visitors an impression that you care about them and you have them covered even if they did not ask.

Standard potties can appear unappealing and sparse and this means adding a few custom decorations would be great. Consider making them one with your event by using the same decorations and theme colors as those of your occasion. Mounting a painting or framed art on one of the walls would also give the units an accommodating feel.

A few extra touches will not hurt. For instance, set a full sized mirror that your visitors can use to check themselves before leaving the restroom. Also light some candles to give the area a nice scent and alluring curb appeal. Any additional effort you put in will make it apparent to your event attendees that you went an extra mile to make them feel comfortable.

Setting up hand washing stations is a must. Most people are concerned about using portable toilets because of matters hygiene. We can include individual hand washing stations with fresh water so that each trip to the restroom makes your guests feel fresh and perfectly clean.

We recommend also having a few handicap flush units. Anyone with mobility concerns will hence have a breeze using the washrooms. These special units have a flushing mechanism that allows easy use and a generally quicker process. We offer top-tier customer service and you can feel free to inform us about your needs and the level of assistance you need to make your portable lavatories inviting, functional and aesthetically appealing.

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