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Porta Potty Rental In Wagoner OK; Understanding How Portable Toilets Work

Portable toilets are a common sight on construction sites and at outdoor events. These mobile restrooms are environmentally friendly and make it more convenient for guests and workers to access the washrooms. Before investing in Porta potty rental in Wagoner OK, it is crucial to know these facilities work and where the waste ends up.

There are different types of portable restrooms, including the standard, flushable, ADA-Compliant handicapped toilets, and luxury trailer washrooms. Irrespective of the design or extra features of the restrooms, they all operate in the same manner. They come fitted with a tank or container beneath that holds the waste.

The waste tank contains a mixture of fragrance, biocides/enzymes, blue dye, water, and surfactants. The ratio of these components differs from one company to another. While the blue dye makes the appearance of waste more discreet by turning it green, the fragrance masks the smell, and the surfactants ensure the fragrance scent spreads rapidly.

Each component plays a crucial role in keeping the restrooms sanitary and comfortable. The work of enzymes and biocides is to kill odor-causing bacteria and accelerate the process of organic matter decomposition. This makes disposing of waste easier. We could add other components to the mixture to prevent waste from freezing during the winter or emitting a strong odor during hot summers.

We take pride in protecting the environment from harmful chemicals that could seep into the soil or natural water resources. That is why we hire sanitation companies to help us empty the chemical tanks once they are full. Usually, this is a straightforward process that involves the septic company connecting hoses to our bins and sucking out the contents. The collected waste is transported to a treatment plant for proper disposal. Each process of treating the tanks and getting rid of their contents is crucial to ensuring that our operations do not harm the environment.

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