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How Many Rental Porta-Potties Do You Need?

Numerous occasions warrant renting portable potties. It could be that you are planning a wedding, an outdoor business event, or you even have a construction site. Irrespective of the occasion, you can accommodate your guests comfortably without having to overwhelm the plumbing of existing buildings. We can meet your needs whenever you need rental porta-potties.

The big question that just about every client asks is how many units are needed. Well, too many toilets will flush down your dollars for no good reason. On the other hand, your workers or guests may get uncomfortable if fewer toilets are installed. We will help you determine an ideal number of potties to rent.

For you to make the best decision possible, begin by considering the crowd size. This is perhaps the most significant deciding factor that you must not overlook. It also pays to take into account the number of days or hours an event will last. To ensure comfort and avoid long lines at the restrooms, there should be one washroom for every 100 guests.

When planning an event that lasts for more than five hours, each restroom can only accommodate 50 people. Then again, about 20% more restrooms will be needed if you plan to serve alcoholic beverages during the occasion. As you make your plans, be sure to also provide at least one restroom for the handicapped for every 20 regular toilets you rent.

Hand washing stations are equally as crucial as the portable toilets. As a rule of thumb, get one station for each set of four restrooms. Different rules apply when hosting a public event such as an arts festival. In this case, you may want to overestimate the crowd size. Depending on the number of attendees you have received in past events, it is better to assume that the crowd will be slightly bigger.

During public events, the more ticket sales you can make the better. However, it will not be good for your image if you are unable to provide comfortable restrooms. Even during free events, guests do not appreciate having to make long queues for the washrooms because you failed to order enough porta-potties.

We are the experts and can help you make an accurate estimation of the number of units you need. You can also depend on us to deliver, setup, and do pickups of the toilets. We equip our units with antiseptic cleansers and ensure they are thoroughly sanitized before delivery.

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